Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fed Up Some More

This afternoon, I was sitting in the lobby of a criminal attorney friend of mine. Being a civil lawyer, I arrived promptly at 4:00 p.m. Being a criminal attorney, he was late. So, to pass my valuable time (or his non-valuable time, or lacking-value time), I found an old Consumer Reports magazine and read an article about the high cost of health care. One of the persons interviewed in the article, a small-business owner, complained "Because of the high cost of health insurance, I can't give my employees hourly raises."

Well, sorry, but I don't know how long you're going to stay in business in the first place, if you give your employees a raise every hour. Maybe you should give them one BIG raise every day, or better yet every month; that way, you could spend more time on, you know, business. Or editing your sentences.


Ron in Houston said...


Are you stereotyping criminal attorneys?

My wife has me insured. Otherwise there's no way with my health I'd be able to be in private practice.

Michael said...

Me? Stereotyping people based on their profession? Only a criminal attorney would say something like that.


No, that was a private jab at the guy who was late for our meeting. Sorry. I've never been a prosecutor but I have tried criminal cases to juries before. (The State made me promise to stop because it couldn't afford to keep building the prisons it would need to hold all my clients.)

I hear you about the health insurance. I literally got carted out of the courthouse on a stretcher once after a TIA; now, I'm looking at $800 a month for insurance. So I'm out here naked.